Thanksgiving Review


November is nearly in the rearview mirror, and I feel like I am still soaking in Thanksgiving memories while frantically de-pumpkining my house for Christmas decorating. Tonight is the night I have to find the advent calendars to begin the official countdown, and boy, I am not sure I am prepared.


Our Thanksgiving visitors just left this morning, and we had a WONDERFUL holiday. Full of excursions (the Please Touch Museum, Longwood Gardens, and a short trip to New York City that included the American Girl Store and the very fun Nintendo store!), family (we saw lots of our favorite family members while doing lots of really fun things), movies (“Trolls” and “Moana”), crafts, and eating and drinking — so much of that!


I am giving myself a buffer of a few days to prepare for the next swing of celebrations. We are excited to host out of town family again very soon as well as our family Hanukkah celebrations. The kids already seem super wound up about the festivity in the air, so I am wishing myself luck in the next few days as I try to recharge for what’s ahead!

And the most challenging thing about December, of course, is getting all of the normal stuff done on top of the special stuff. Trying to make sure my calendar does not get too full.


Yucky Mucky Few Weeks

Last I wrote, we were basking in the glory of fall.

Carson's First Thanksgiving! (I'm doing a good job at looking healthy despite being so sick!)
Carson’s First Thanksgiving! (I’m doing a good job at looking healthy despite being so sick!)

Fast forward almost three weeks, and I am just now recovering from a few weeks worth of illness that knocked me off my feet. I spent days in bed, which isn’t really possible when you are a mom to two young children. Thanks to my husband and extended family, I was able to rest enough throughout my weeks’ long bought with the stomach flu. By Tuesday, I started to feel human again, though I am still devastated that I was sick for the entire extended Thanksgiving weekend.

We’re still not a healthy house, however. Steve and Nora caught a (much less horrible) stomach bug this week and are fighting through it.

Despite all of this, we’re moving on and getting ready for Christmas. I’ll be back soon to highlight some holiday activities.