What We’re Doing/Reading/Watching


With the Fourth of July now come and gone, I’d say we’re definitely in full-on summer mode. Today marks three full weeks since the kids have been out of school, and I finally felt “decompressed” this week after the hustle and bustle of the end of the school year.

We’re shooting for a low-key summer this year, full of family day trips, home cooking, movie watching, book reading, and time spent with local friends. The kids have about five weeks of camp and the occasional babysitter so I can keep my work schedule afloat, but we are definitely slowing things down and enjoying the simple life this July and August.


What We’re Doing

  • Swimming at our local pool
  • Taking day trips to Dutch Wonderland, the zoo, the aquarium, and other museums
  • Spending time with neighbors to celebrate the Fourth of July
  • Enjoying the New Jersey Shore
  • Planning Carson’s sixth birthday
  • Attending art camp and tennis lessons (The kids, anyway!)
  • Dreaming of vacation and camping trips to come!
  • Sewing my Twelve Days ornaments (Just finished the Maid a Milking and Lady Dancing ones!)

What We’re Reading

  • Katie Woo series
  • Boxcar Children (vol. 1)
  • Captain Underpants (Steve and Carson are on the final–twelfth!-book)
  • DC SuperPets series
  • Voyager (Yes, I am hooked on Outlander–done for the time being though!)

What We’re Watching

  • Wimbledon (Trying to convince Carson to quit school and train full-time for tennis so I can see him here in about fifteen years, LOL!)
  • Outlander
  • Lincoln
  • Sherlock Gnomes
  • Incredibles 2 (and rewatching the first one)
  • Great British Baking Show
  • A Very English Scandal (OK–haven’t started it yet, but will soon!)

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