What We’re Doing/Reading/Watching

Yes, my Anglophile self was very excited about the royal wedding.

How April and May have flown by! We expected the craziness, of course, when we signed both kids up for team sports earlier in the year, but actually going through the motions always presents some surprises in stamina. Yesterday I passed out at 4 p.m. from sheer exhaustion — I was so tired even though the rain cancelled several things we had lined up last week and the schedule had been lighter than expected. Nonetheless, we’re having a lot of fun this spring.

One personal milestone I am marking this month is my five-year anniversary of changing things up in the professional realm to be home more with the kids. Looking back, that’s definitely the best decision I ever made. I have had such a great ride with them in their early childhood, and I have built a home-based freelancing business up to the equivalent of true part-time work. It’s a struggle to manage it all in the summer, but overall this life is definitely for me. I would encourage anyone struggling with work-life balance to be brave enough to make some serious life changes. It will work out in the end, I promise.

As a side note, I’ve debated whether I want to keep updating this ten-year-old blog at this point but decided I’ll try to check in once in a blue moon as it’s one of the only places I have right now for documenting my life with kids. I am going to do less and less in the picture realm only because I’ve had a load of spam subscriptions lately and want to avoid overexposing the kiddos.

What We’re Doing

  • Either playing or watching baseball and soccer
  • Playing at the park
  • Attending the Fun Fair (a neighborhood old-timey fair held for two weeks in early May)
  • Participating in neighborhood and school activities like the art show, local fun run, and more
  • Training to be a Brownie leader (I am psyched!)
  • Serving on some different committees and boards in our community
  • Celebrating the royal wedding with friends
  • Hosting my parents (did that for a week in early May)
  • Going to the Barnes Museum in downtown Philadelphia
  • Trying to get around to making photo books of early spring adventures to Disney World and New Orleans
  • Getting the calendar and my brain ready for summer (it’s only a month away!)

What We’re Reading

  • The Outlander series (first and second books–such fun!)
  • The Dr. Kitty Cat, Owl Diaries, Miss Maisy series for the first-grade reader
  • The Captain Underpants series for the kindergarten reader
  • Comic books

What We’re Watching

  • Little Women miniseries on PBS
  • YouTube videos of Chloe’s American Girl doll channel
  • The Greatest Showman
  • The Simpsons
  • Doc McStuffins (having a resurgence in the house since we signed up for Hulu)

We’ll keep things rolling along in the next few weeks with a quick day trip to NYC, a dance recital, a piano recital, and time at the pool, which opens this weekend.


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