What We’re Doing/Reading/Watching


We’re having a very March-y weekend. It’s cold and biting, so going outside is still not an option, unless it’s to run to the car. We survived a blizzard/hurricane thing here on Friday night and were lucky not to lose power. Our town was ravaged and so many trees and power lines are down. So we’re hunkered inside and making the best of these last few weeks of winter.

I can’t say that January, February, or March have been too terribly exciting, but we’re still kept things interesting. Here’s what we’ve been up to.


What We’re Doing

  • Making lots of origami
  • Using Model Magic to make American Girl Doll food
  • Playing Zingo (both math and word versions) and Boggle Jr.
  • Cleaning out (that spring cleaning vibe is here)
  • Ice skating
  • Cheering on the Eagles (football), Sixers (basketball), and Flyers (hockey)
  • Making Twelve Days of Christmas ornaments (I am determined to wrap up mine this year)
  • Recovering from flu (it was a LONG February!)

What We’re Reading

  • Beartown
  • Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
  • The Little Book of Hygge
  • Berenstein Bears books
  • The dinosaur sports series by Lisa Wheeler (Dino-Baseball, Dino-Boarding, Dino-Basketball, etc.)

What We’re Watching

  • Mozart in the Jungle (I am obsessed)
  • Victoria on Masterpiece
  • Michael Keaton movies
  • The Olympics (as of a week ago)
  • The new Pinkalicious series on PBS
  • Wild Kratts (there has been a renewed interest in this show in the house)
  • Coco

Life will get a little crazier in a few weeks, so it’s good to enjoy a few more quiet weeks. Not only do spring sports like baseball and soccer start in early April, but our family has a few back-to-back trips booked at the end of March and beginning of April. Looking forward to getting to the more action-oriented time of year.



1 thought on “What We’re Doing/Reading/Watching”

  1. Great summary for the rest of us – you will treasure this some day too! We will need to “Book club” Beartown one of these days. Our list, besides as many Oscar-eligible movies we can find, The Crown (finally) and some “lost episodes”, for me anyway, of Curb Your Enthusiasm – some I’ve never seen from Season One. Do you believe those are dated 2000 – 18 years ago!

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