October Air


Today is a beautiful fall day here. The sun is shining and the afternoon feels warm, but the mornings and evenings are crisp. We’ve all been lingering in bed in the morning with these cooler temperatures. It may also be due to our fall schedule, which is pretty darn tiring.

I can’t complain about the pace of life these days though. Everyone is really happy, thriving, and putting time and energy into what gives them joy, or at least purpose!

The first grader loves the full day of school and is applying herself at many after-school activities, including soccer, ballet, and Girl Scouts. She loves to be busy and among the people, so being on the go is truly what brings her joy.

The kindergartner has adjusted to his new school routine finally and is making new friends. He amazes me with his abilities at soccer, and he is excited to be learning to play the piano.

I am trying to keep up with these kids and continue to dig myself out of a big editing pile (I project that I’ll be done with it this Friday!). I hope that October brings a little more balance in my schedule, as long work days make me a little crazy. I am like my daughter — one who likes to be with the people — so balancing my solitary editing and writing work (which also recharges me) with some volunteering, exercising, and socializing will boost my happiness for sure.

We are excited to celebrate fall in many ways this season. We’re headed to a “pumpkin days” celebration next weekend and will travel to the Finger Lakes for my 35th birthday. We’ve also signed up for a Trunk or Treat at the school and have several other Halloween events planned. Yay for October and all its festivity!

I would be remiss if I neglected to mention that my heart aches for several tragedies and natural disasters in the news as of late. I am also disheartened by the low levels of rhetoric we are stooping to in our country. Raising children in this world is not easy, folks. I hope that the efforts we are putting into their lives as parents are going to give them the confidence to lead this world into a much better place.


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