Last Preschool Graduate

IMG_2211 copy

Once upon a time, I had two kids under two. It was a crazy time, full of diaper changes and poor sleep. It was also a blissful time, with two growing babies who needed my hubby and me for everything.

Fast forward almost five years and these kids are in back-to-back years of school and preschool is now for the memory books. Carson graduated from preschool last Friday, and for the next week or so we have two kindergarteners in the house (until elementary school lets out next Thursday). His preschool does an adorable graduation with songs and even some Pomp and Circumstance. It’s hard to believe this guy will be turning five in July!

IMG_2190 copy 2

I thought I would be pretty emotional with the approach of this big milestone, but, alas, this loving-life kid is marching into kindergarten with no worries and that’s rubbing off on me. He’s ready to be at school with big sis, ride the bus, and learn all that elementary school has to offer. Countdown to the class of 2030!


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