Festive Festivities


The final week of 2016. Wow, what a year! It’s been a packed one, full of highs and lows and those in-between days.

Our house has been bopping this holiday season, hosting many family and friends for festivities and overnight stays. We’ve celebrated Christmas and Hanukkah and are reveling in winter break from school (which seems like a holiday in itself!). Earlier this week, we scored last-minute tickets to Disney on Ice, which felt like a great cap for the kids to a very fun and festive season.

I am happily brainstorming more exciting times in 2017. Now that we’re three years into our house and just one and a half years away from having the kids in full-time free school (yay!), I am starting to want more of our money to go to fun (rather than home repairs and tuition). Trips, tickets, amusements, you name it. I am challenging myself to come up with plenty of fun and not-too-outrageous plans for the year ahead!

Happy new year (almost)!


4 thoughts on “Festive Festivities”

  1. Me encanta la descripción de los paisajes en esta época.Sobre sus deicaralcones, un tanto polémicas, sólo decir que es mejor luchar contra la pobreza, que no hacer nada, por los motivos que sean.

  2. pour toujour cliké sur le « répondre » du dernier commentaire qui avait encore un lien « répondre », ça mettra ton commentaire en bas de sa liste, un peu comme si t’avai répondu au dernier commentaire de cette liste

  3. Larry,Interesting point. I wonder how this all panned out before dispensationalism as a system really developed. There was a time when most Baptists would have been Covenantal yet still credo-baptist only. I wonder if Baptists grew along with the growth and dominance of the dispensational system or not.Just thinking out loud.

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