Figuring It All Out

I haven’t had a chance to notice my absence from this blog lately. For starters, my professional life has been feeling in full-ish* bloom since December. I took on some large-scale projects with publishers and haven’t had an empty moment since. I am thankful for a new iMac that has helped me get through this hectic time. There’s nothing like editing thousands of references to appreciate a jet-speed computer.

I have also been working hard on myself. I know this seems like a cliched mom phrase, but I’ve needed to take a step back and commit to taking better care of myself. Some of this process has been as simple as eating more fruits. Other basic things have included hair maintenance, clothes shopping, and discovering new media to enjoy. I’ve been reading for pleasure more, binge watching Parks and Recreation (and just discovered Gilmore Girls–seriously, I am behind the times!), and finding other small things that make me happy. (I am a huge sports fan, so there’s always an exciting sports storyline to follow.)

Another endeavor I am committed to this spring is boosting my fitness level. I’ve been dedicated to a good amount of cardio for many years, but now I am trying to increase my intensity (i.e., running) and strength. So far, I have been able to do to this for a few weeks, but I am really hoping it sticks as a lifestyle change. I set up our attic as a fitness space and realize I need to put together a good music mix for treadmill running. I would love to feel stronger, trimmer, and healthier over the summer. And, heck, maybe I could even run a 5K at some point!

Other areas of my life that I continue to work on involve nurturing my many important friendships, spending quality time with my family, and pursuing projects and tasks that make me happy. As strange as it sounds, editing reference lists keeps me sane. And I am learning to move on from certain volunteer projects to make room for new ones. That is a big step for me!

I hope to check in here more as the school year winds down and a few of my long-running projects come to a close. I miss using this outlet to document my not-so-exciting but perfect-for-me life.

* I say full-ish because I am not sure my work life has been well balanced, and I love opportunities to grow my talents. There hasn’t been a lot of time for me to connect with my local networks, and I am not sure if exceeding my projected income for the year by the end of May represents that I have my ish together.


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