Holiday Break



Well, it’s here people! Our holiday break!

So far in December, we’ve been operating at breakneck speed to fit in all of our holiday festivity and usual productivity. There have been local festivals, a symphony, a Nutcracker performance, and more. I’ve been cramming in work projects in the evenings and on rare weekend openings to meet deadlines. But now, we’re looking at two and a half weeks of routine busting, so anything goes. Bedtimes are already later after just two nights of break!

My kids sang their hearts out at Wednesday’s preschool holiday performance, which signaled the end of the first half of the school year. They serenaded the crowd with holiday favorites, such as “Dreidel, Dreidel,” “Rudolph,” and “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.” Nora’s class (the upperclass!) sang “Keep Christmas with You,” even incorporating sign language. Melt. My. Heart. Nora braved a seat on Santa’s lap, though Carson was still too nervous to talk to the big man.

Our break will be anything but peaceful in the coming days, but it sure will be a lot of fun. We’re headed north to New York City for a quick and full 36-hour getaway. Then we host family for Christmas week. The days to come involve lots of magic, including multiple gift openings, yummy food, a trip to a local favorite — Longwood Gardens — and more. Of course I’ve had my stressed-out mom moments while planning for all of this, but I am beginning to relax and want to enjoy what’s to come.

I wish you a wonderful holiday season! I hope it fills your heart with joy and love.





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