More Fall Fun


Our calendar has been jam-packed with fall fun in the last few weeks. The recent celebrations have included the kids’ preschool fair and another local pumpkin festival. We’ve thrown in a few date nights too!  (Yay for crisp nights and delicious drinks.) Now that I have coverage for the kids during weekdays, my work schedule is a bit more under control, meaning I can enjoy these festive days more than I could have this summer, when I was truly juggling it all without any regular child care help.


Our Halloween celebrations begin tomorrow. I can’t believe that we’re just a week away from November and falling back on the clock. I’ve even started buying some Christmas gifts, which seems ridiculous, but it’s always good to start November with a little edge on the months to come.


I’ve found my groove with yarn crafting again, which I hope inspires me to make some gifts this year. Here’s a recent hat I made for myself. I am spending less time in front of a screen intentionally, and hanging with the family while working some yarn with a crochet needle is very relaxing right now.


I hope you are enjoying this season as much as us!


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