September Madness


Last days of summer

Just like its counterpart six months ago, I feel like September has its own Madness tournament, though there’s no basketball involved. Instead, the tournament brackets are something like “School,” “Work,” “Extracurricular,” and “Other.” The month starts with tens of items on the calendar — school shopping, yearly photos, school meet and greet, first days of school, first television shows, meetings at church, first day at church, first day of Sunday school, checks due to X, Y, and Z, back-to-school night, school picnic, church picnic, first day of gymnastics, work deadlines X, Y, and Z … well, you get the picture. Then, throw in a child’s birthday at the end of the month and the prep, thought, and execution required for it, and it’s one hell of a crazy month.

Oh, and the Pope’s arriving in our area tomorrow. Add one more thing to this madness!

I am happy to report that we’ve nearing the end of this tournament, and Nora’s birthday on Sunday encapsulates this harried (yet exciting) month. I’m hoping that October leads to a little more time and a little less stress. We’ve got to get to the pumpkin patch and pick some apples, so if that doesn’t happen, it’s time to re-evaluate.

It wasn’t a big photo-taking month, but here are a few pics recording this monumental month:


First days of preschool


Fall fire prep


First day where both kids go to school at the same time!


First pedicure

Here’s to the final weekend of September. It’s going to be a big one. Was it really five years ago when I welcomed my first baby to the world?!


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