Taking Back My House

We’re having a glorious late summer day here. It’s in the 80s but with no humidity. The nearly fall sun is in full glory, casting down beautiful rays of sunshine without oppressive heat. Can you tell that I am over summer?

Life looks much different this week than last. We’re in preschool and church mode now, so things are moving toward the routine side.

And do you know what that means for parents? TAKING BACK THE HOUSE!

After a long summer of paper scraps strewn about, small toys crammed in weird places, and floors sticky from sweaty feet and spilled juice, I am cleaning up. What does this mean? Trash bags, storage bins, and donation piles. Lots of them.

Now that my children are enrolled in more hours of preschool, I have decided that it’s time to reduce the number of toys we store on our main floor. I’ve slowly been migrating certain items to bedrooms, and we have a catch-all attic just for play things. I am over having a first-floor playroom devoted to plastic, colorful, and messy things. I am ready for a more grown-up space that fosters free play for kids without it being so dominating.


Enter, my cleaned-off side table. Yes, there are toys in the storage compartments, but I am reserving the tabletop for non-toy items (the photos are marking my territory!). It can feature a gallery of kid sculptures or a Christmas display, but it will no longer feature Little People, swords, or abandoned game pieces. Having this so sparse reminds me of Gretchen Rubin’s theory about keeping an empty shelf in your house. She says that for most people, having “outer order contributes to inner calm.”

My other source of outer order today? The craft/game hutch:


So let’s all take a collective sigh of relief. The fun bus has left the building until next summer. For now, let’s enjoy some less-cluttered homes.


4 thoughts on “Taking Back My House”

  1. I like the sentiment of your aunt – I really need take back the house as well, actually start taking charge of it – we just moved here, and will be moving again next year, so it’s a state of limbo around here, with the question remaining, is it even worth getting the house all looking great? Hugs and blessings!

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