What Football Means to Our Family

At Eagles' Training Camp a Few Years Ago
At Eagles’ Training Camp a Few Years Ago

If you love sports, chances are you enjoy sitting on the couch Sunday afternoons in the fall consuming as much professional football as possible. For many (including us), this ritual gives us permission to relax, enjoy some dramatic story lines, and witness amazing physical feats (and eat some serious game-day food!). Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved watching football and a lot of other sports, too.

For our family, football season means a dramatic change in schedule. Steve works for that big football-producing corporation, and his days off shift from September through February. Starting next week, he’ll be off on a weekday and work Sundays. While this can be inconvenient, we’ve gotten used to “the season” and know how to prepare for it. One of the reasons we live it up in the summer is because fall and winter don’t amount to much in terms of travel and adventure for us. We pretty much hunker down, watch our favorite sport, and enjoy the home-based things life has to offer. Thankfully, fall is a great time to sample local festivals, enjoy campfires in our backyard, and get back into the routine of school, church, and work.

I’ve been a busy bee this week preparing for this shift. In addition to Steve’s work calendar looking different, my littles to head back to preschool in a few weeks. I began ramping up my own workload to prepare for their synchronized schedules, and I can hardly believe we’re just “thirteen sleeps” (as we term it) from our new routine. I am excited, a little misty-eyed about the kids getting older, and ready to tackle what’s next.

And let’s hear it for the start of September! I have to admit that some pumpkin-flavored items made their way into my shopping cart this afternoon!


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