Beach Fun and Happy Memories


After more than a decade of living in Philly, I’ve grown accustomed to spending some time at the New Jersey shore every year. This is thanks mostly to my in-laws, who have been dedicated shore-goers for years. Both of them are generous to share their vacations with us, and we sure do enjoy having some time to soak in the sun and play in the sand. It’s also a great way to escape the dog days of summer and the unbearable hot and humid Philly weather.


We still have one more beach trip to enjoy this year with my father-in-law, but we just returned from a relaxing getaway in Avalon, New Jersey, thanks to my mother-in-law. We all loved it: Steve and Nora loved the ocean, Carson built sandcastles, and I avoided sunburn successfully (that’s a win for me!).


We’ve packed the final stretch of summer with trips, which are all due to having awesome places to visit thanks to our parents. I love “grandparent camp” excursions. It’s awesome to have other adults engage with the kids and break up the long summer. It’s also fun to channel our own childhoods through these getaways. On this trip, it was magical to watch Steve share his shore memories with the kids. During our jaunt to Ocean City, both Steve and his mom reminisced about the good old days and the time spent with generations of people who are now gone.


These moments are exactly why I love to travel so much. Rather than spending money on fleeting trends and material objects that will dull with time, visiting new places and spending time with loved ones on adventures stay with us forever. Steve and I are dedicated to taking our kids to as many places as we can, and the beach is an important setting to keep coming back to — both for our kids to make memories and for Steve to reconnect with his own.


We still have many adventures awaiting in August, which is very exciting considering that there are still six weeks until preschool starts (but who’s counting?!).


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