Summer’s Midpoint

Post-swim snack.

I am in disbelief that today is July 14. A few weeks ago I felt that mother’s twinge that summer would never end, likely due to exhaustion following a fun vacation and our house projects. However, now that my little guy’s birthday has passed and we’re moving on to the second phase of summer, I am a bit surprised by feeling that the season is fleeting. How could I feel this way with a four-month preschool break?

Carson’s July 12 birthday is a good midway point to the summer. It’s the second week of July and the first time “back to school” seems like a possibility. Though we have about eight (or maybe even nine) weeks of freedom from the school schedule to go, here’s why we’re at a turning point:

  • The kids will be in lots of YMCA classes and camps for the second half of summer to get a little more structure in our schedule. Gone are the empty weeks where I have to plan lots of fun outings. In effect, “Mama Camp” is over, not including the final two weeks before school begins.
  • Our weekends seem filled to the brim until September with beach getaways, a Boise trip, and birthday parties.
  • The football season affects our lives the first week of August when Steve’s schedule ramps up in preparation for kickoff.
  • The mosquitoes have invaded, forcing us to apply bug spray far more than I would like to.
  • Night will begin to arrive sooner in the evenings, which I hope will get my kids to bed a little earlier by the end of August (but boy I’ve loved their sleeping in this summer!).
  • Nora’s birthday and Halloween have become talking points. Two fall events that require some advance planning (I have to build in room for mind-changing!).
  • Potty training has evolved. We’ve been working on getting our littlest into underwear full time, but I’ve changed my approach to it. Though Carson needs to be potty trained for school in September, I realized that he’ll be more than potty trained for the preschool hours even if he’s not potty trained all day.

I have to say that this is easily the best summer I’ve had in years, in part because of planning and also because of my awesome kids. We’ve been on so many adventures together and enjoyed some of my favorite activities — like swimming and movie-going — on the same level. It’s been fun to have my night owls hang with friends and family until 10 p.m. some nights and delight them with their antics. The summer reading program has borne fruit too, as Nora’s interests at the library have expanded (my little thrill is that she’s enjoying books on pioneers — one of my favorite topics as a kid!). And Carson willingly submitted to my swim lesson plans yesterday, taking his first class without a parent present. He rocked it too!

Here’s to the second act of summer and the fun it will bring!


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