Rediscovering Color


Last week Steve and I painted several rooms, giving our century-old Tudor some new life. After rolling on several coats and finishing a few other projects, we were amazed by how awesome and how “us” the house looks now. Why didn’t we do this sooner?!


For some reason, it took me a long time to choose paint colors for our house. I got wrapped up in the current trends, feeling compelled to experiment with grays, even though I really love yellow, blue, and green walls. One day I realized I should just follow the colors I used in my old house — what a thought! This aha moment resulted in quick action that took our house form “eh” to “wow.”


I stuck with the Sherwin Williams line of paints and chose from their HGTV color palates. When we sold our house last year and I cleaned the walls for our showings, I couldn’t believe how nice the Sherwin Williams paint still looked. It came through for me again, requiring just two coats for each room.


I chose White Raisin in our kitchen to complement our wood cabinets and painted the trim Alabaster. I even painted the doors to the bathroom and basement white, which really brightened up the whole room. We added some new hardware to the cabinets and I scrubbed them with Murphy’s Wood Oil to give them a nice, clean feel.


Once we assembled everything back in the room, I couldn’t believe how warm the room felt, even with very little sunlight. I also loved how well the yellow coordinated with our newly renovated powder room, which we painted blue back in April.IMG_6976

For the dining room, I swapped out the dated Raisin Torte color for a more contemporary one, Retreat. The color is so calming and makes the room feel larger. I love it with my gold curtains from West Elm and the new bamboo roman shades I bought through JcPenney.

We updated some other rooms during this project week, but I’ll get to those later. I hope you had a great Fourth of July!


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