The Evolution of Me


My blog has become way less fun over the last several months. I’m sure you’ve noticed. Nat’s Distractions began with my idea to blog about craft projects I’d created. Then, after a few years, I had kids so those projects became fewer and fewer and baby rearing posts became more frequent. Then, somewhere along the way, I decided to go back to work as a freelancer and the mundane started to prevail over the sweet and dear. I think I’m in a boring phase. But I am OK with that, really.

Running a small business is really fun, except when the work starts to take over your life! (Ha!) Since January, I’ve been saddled with project after project (the goal, of course!), which has diminished my productivity in other (more fun) areas of life.

As much as I am hyperfocused on freelancing and expanding my editing empire, I need to find some fun again. We’ll be on the road as a family a few times this summer and I have a third birthday party to plan. I’d love to paint our kitchen cabinets. I found myself over on the Amy Butler site a few days ago and am intrigued about getting a sewing project going. And my family would agree that finding an interest in cooking again would be nice!

For now, bear with me. I am amazed at the results of my attempts to build a small business, and I am experiencing a lot of general growing pains related to it. I agonize over my client base, pricing, workload, etc. I dream of finding balance and avoiding burnout, but for now I feel like I’ve got to own my endeavors and struggle through the busy times.

The best takeaway of building my small business is a fun local networking group I’ve found. Between it, the MOMS Club, and my church network, I am simply amazed by the wonderful connections I have in my life as a transplant, mom, and entrepreneur. I have met lots of amazing people (even the one who took this beautiful new headshot) and am excited to link my talents in the writing/editing field with other female small business owners. After muddling through my twenties as a professional, I love the more empowered version of myself and hope it sticks around for the next decade (or two or three).

The last thing I’ll mention here is my struggle to link this blog with my professional work. I have always wanted to maintain privacy with this space and have avoided sharing it with my Facebook network. However, I realize this blog showcases my writing and personality (and might overshare personal events?). I’m trying to figure out how to marry my professional and personal identities. For the entrepreneur, I think these identities are sometimes one in the same, but I hesitate to be too “out there” in case I want to go back to one of those more buttoned-up corporate environments some day. Any ideas? For now, I’ll let you know about my professional page ( It’s my first step in merging these worlds!


3 thoughts on “The Evolution of Me”

  1. Nice post! As far as the personal/professional split, I have found it’s important to have a plan, as you do!

  2. I appreciate how your blog changes with your life. And I am so happy the Silver Scribe is taking off!

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