Kids in the Creek


Spring is here and we’re finding ways to get tired each afternoon. I am lucky to have a park within a block of our house where we meet some of our favorite friends each day around 4 p.m. This hub offers my kids the quintessential childhood experience: free play with friends while parents gab and pay only moderate attention to the goings-on. So far this season there’s been plenty of dirt digging, Ninja Turtle role play, and, yes, even creek moments.

When you’re a kid, there’s nothing like throwing stones in rushing water.

Going down to the creek is a new development for our family. Last year, I would not entertain the possibility of scrambling down the creek’s four-foot bank to get wet. That’s because Carson was still a baby, not even two years old.

And now? Well, the kid is almost three.

I am so excited to have a three-year-old this summer. Like, seriously, SO EXCITED. If my youngest is three, that means we have made it through some really hard years and survived. We’ve moved on from life revolving around diapers, feeding, sleeping, etc. It’s all getting easier, and I am acutely aware of this change in our family.

If you know me personally, chances are that I’ve talked to you in a hyped-up voice about our summer. I cannot wait for it. It’s full of cool summer camps, swim lessons, sports activities, and trips. We’ll eat awesome veggies through our CSA and trek to our farmers’ market for fruit. We’re going to attempt an herb garden and do some cooking. We’ll venture to the farm, the zoo, the aquarium, the library, parks, ice cream shops, and more in our spare, unstructured time. We’ll see family and friends often and try to convince the kids to stay up later and sleep in (until 7 or 8 if I am lucky). Summer is going to be awesome.

And you know what’s also awesome? When summer winds down and the leaves begin to turn colors, my two wonderful, creative, loving children will go to school together on the same day. I will drop them off in the car line and drive away with no children in my car three days a week. I will finally have some “free” time to work on editing and writing projects so our weekends can become fun again. I can’t believe that we’re almost there…

Here’s to the last month of preschool, flowering trees, the upcoming fun fair around the corner from our house, and spring soccer. I promise not to rush this season of rebirth, but I remain gleeful about the season to come.


2 thoughts on “Kids in the Creek”

  1. Great post! And I can’t wait to join in a little “kids in the creek” time (we say “crick” in my parts), and argue whether we’re seeing tadpoles or minnows!

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