One Year Here


Today (or tomorrow, depending on how to look at it), we celebrate one year in our forever home (I hope). What a year it’s been! Full of decorating and now redecorating, establishing new traditions, and living everyday life.

In April 2014 we were excited and overwhelmed. We doubled our square feet, bought a house that was built in 1928, and found a neighborhood that is absolutely amazing for raising children.

This April, we feel settled and comforted by the fact that we’ve found our family home. It has been a joy to see the seasons change in our house, and we look forward to enjoying the second round of each season. This year’s spring will be much more productive in terms of yard work, which I am eager to get to (if only it would warm up!).

What better way to commemorate the year by receiving a book chronicling our move today?


And to show this house that we’re going to keep on keeping on, we finished our work on the powder room last weekend, thanks to a super handy friend.


(Here’s a before of that lovely room when we bought the house!)


It’s been a great year, friends!


2 thoughts on “One Year Here”

  1. Love your “new” house – really the “home” you’ve made there. Can’t wait for our next visit!

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