Bottling Up This Week

This week my kids have been adorable, fun, adventurous, and a little bit snotty — but that’s thanks to a lingering cold. These are the moments I want to bottle up and savor forever.

Carson Is Batman


This boy loves his Batman costume from Halloween. With the cape attached, of course! He prefers this costume with the “seat belt” rather than the Batman shirt with the Caped Crusader’s mug on it. (Why would he need a picture of Batman on a shirt when he himself is Batman?) Yesterday he pointed out to me that he does not have a Spiderman shirt. Is that a hint that he’s open to being another superhero?

Or Is Carson a Cat?


At a birthday party this weekend, Carson requested I tape a pipe cleaner to his rear end so he could fully embody the cat theme. With his ears and tail, he made quite an adorable feline.

Nora Upside Down


This girl loves her gymnastics class at the YMCA. I couldn’t believe how the kids tried headstands the other day. It really brought me back to my own childhood. Tumbling is such fun when you are miniature-sized. Thank goodness we have a carpeted attic for forward roll practice!

Nora the Adventurous


This girl has grown out of toddler and preschooler food selectivity, and I am so grateful. At an event this weekend, she ate three different kids of chili, surprising herself by how much she liked the flavors. She helped herself to quite a few chocolate desserts that night too. Gone are her food-snubbing days. Such an awesome development!


The fun will continue tomorrow, with a foot of snow projected in our area. Looking forward to making snow memories in our new house. We’re lucky to have sledding right out our front door.


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