Finding My Footing

January, ah January. It’s a tough month. For us in Pennsylvania, winter has finally set in, so we’ve been trapped in the house for various reasons (bad weather and illness). My hubby’s work schedule is beyond irregular, and it’s often hard to know what day it is (given that he’s been working several evenings and Saturday and Sunday mornings). And my editing work has dried up a bit. I have a few things in the pipeline, but I am questioning the next steps for my paid work.

What’s good? I’ve committed to exercise, sweating on the treadmill at the YMCA. I’ve read two books this year that have given me things to consider. I’ve watched a lot of football, college and pro. I’ve updated my resume to reflect the career of a woman in her early thirties, abandoning the format from my late twenties. I’ve wrangled my budget, rolled over my 401(k), and planned our grocery lists more thoroughly. So it’s not a wasted month, just a slow one.

There are some very happy visuals in my head, too. I’m picturing our vacations for the year, the CSA we want to join, and the school schedule for fall. I am a little hazy when it comes to seeing what my freelance and volunteer work will look like in the coming months, but I am thinking hard about those components of my life.

So it’s not a fun and light update here, but it is reflective of where I am at right now. I am sure many of you are feeling this slow season as well, forecasting what’s to come. I am thankful to have contemplative time so I can shoot out of the gate when I’m ready.


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