My Guy at 2.5


I’m having a mommy moment. My little guy is 2.5 today, spreading joy through dinosaurs, Batman, and sword-fighting. He talks at a rapid clip to keep up with his sister, and he’s taken to having quite a few opinions. Though he protests going to preschool, he’s happy once he’s there. He refuses to go to bed earlier that nine on most nights and doesn’t see the point of potty training. And don’t even think about putting a pullover hoodie on the boy! However, he depends on a middle-of-the-night bed transfer to twirl my hair and is never hesitant to offer a hug and an “I love you.”


Truly the second child, this kid has been watching The Lego Movie on repeat in the last few weeks and has the pleasure of hanging with mostly older kids on a daily basis. He loves his Imaginext toys, especially his Batmobile, and adores all things Frozen, playing with Anna and Kristoff action figures frequently. He is very skilled at operating an iPad and loves to watch the PBS Kids app when I tuck his sister into bed at night, choosing The Cat and the Hat, Odd Squad, and Word Girl. He still loves to read, especially books about animals and dinosaurs.

It’s hard to believe it’s only been thirty months since this guy came on the scene, as he is such an integral part of our family.


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