Thinking About 2015


Happy New Year! The calendar has turned into 2015, and now we’ll all struggle to remind ourselves of the new date for the next few months (or is that just me?) as well as compile all of our tax paperwork (I know I’m not alone on that one!).

I could not feel better entering this new year, which gives me a feeling of trepidation. Aren’t we supposed to enter January feeling resolved to conquer new things, rehabilitate ourselves, etc.?

I am finding that my thirties are pretty awesome and well-suited for me. So far in this decade I have figured out how to make better decisions, being mindful of the present rather than obsessing about the future. Obviously, having the opportunity to be home with the kids has made a big difference in my overall mental health, but building a freelance business and balancing extracurricular interests have contributed to my day-to-day happiness too.

I am hopeful that this happy life can continue into 2015. Of course there will be harried weeks and some frustrations along the way, but I’d love to continue living with optimism and hope. It sure makes it easier to get moving each day.

Today marks the last day of the kids’ winter break from preschool, and once our schedule gets rolling, I am hopeful that we can enjoy January for what it is: dull, dark, and cold. That way we can feel less guilty about watching football on the weekends, staying in our pajamas for long stretches of the morning, and laying in bed reading good books and new blogs (I’ve been on a hunt to add some new ones to my Feedly account). If this month is restorative, it will only mean good things for the rest of the year.

Here’s to a prosperous and peaceful 2015!


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