Finished: Cinnamon Stick Ornaments


I had the pleasure of creating these cinnamon stick ornaments over Thanksgiving weekend when my parents were visiting and my mom, my daughter, and I took over the dining room table for some crafting. This project resulted from a Pinterest fail (trying to make stars out of the sticks), but since I had bought two pounds of cinnamon sticks and a pound of star anise, I figured out another way to use them.


I love how these simple ornaments turned out. I just cut out a rectangle of Christmas-themed craft paper, hot glued cinnamon sticks to make a border, and adorned the frame with some star anise and other decorative elements. I made the scroll from watercolor paper hand stamped with a seasonally appropriate message (“Joy” and “peace” are my favorite holiday sentiments by far!). Given that I am partial to a rustic theme at the holidays, these fit well into that motif.


These inexpensive ornaments make great gifts for neighbors, friends, and family and would be the perfect craft activity for a gathering of likeminded crafty people. My parents and the kids constructed ships, rafts, and other fun items out of the cinnamon sticks while we made these, so there are endless possibilities with this natural and nice-smelling craft material!


I even made a wreath to hang above the kitchen with them and a circle cut from cardboard. I’ve enjoyed looking at it all season long.

Happy holidays!


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