In looking back to last year’s December posts, I am remiss that I neglected to write more about our family’s happenings. So I don’t regret skimming over these details again, I am committing myself to blogging a few more times in 2014. (Even though I’d rather be baking cookies!)


In one week since preschool closed its doors, we’ve been busy on the holiday circuit, attending some gatherings put on by friends, traveling to unique exhibits (like the Shrek display at a local mall), watching timeless productions (such as The Nutcracker), and filling time with everyday activities like swimming at the YMCA, walking outdoors, and playing at home. Later today, I’ll take the kids to a movie in the theater. It feels like a real rite of passage to incorporate a movie-going experience into our Christmas traditions. It’s certainly an exciting activity to fill a cold, almost-winter afternoon!


The kids are crazy, of course! Carson is pretending to be Santa on a twice-daily basis, lining up small chairs and stools to make a sleigh and adorning a Santa hat while he delivers toys to deserving children. Nora has been crafting ornaments and coloring numerous Christmas-themed pictures. And we’ve been singing lots of carols and the Hanukkah songs the kids learned at school. This year I’ve even been keeping up with the Hanukkah candles, something that the kids are excited to light every night as we continue to wait for Santa’s arrival. It’s always an advantage to have this multi-faith lineage at this time of year–there are more things to do!


With the joyous happenings swirling in our life right now, it took me a good week to finally sit down and apply my Christmas nails from Jamberry (I cannot believe that I am the type of person to have “Christmas nails,” but life is short and I am embracing this trend). I love this faux-sweater pattern. These cute nails are even helping me get through some last-minute freelance projects that presented themselves just a few days ago.

My brother and his wife arrive on Christmas Eve, and we are excited to celebrate this magical holiday with some of our favorite people. There will be lots of traditions to enjoy with them–special foods, Steve and my brother’s “Burt Reynolds Hanukkah” that involves watching many cheesy and horrible movies, viewings of favorite movies like White Christmas–and we plan to journey to Baltimore to enjoy the National Aquarium as well.

I hope you are also enjoying these days leading up to Christmas!


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