New House: Christmas Decorating 2014


This year, I’ve focused much of my blog on decorating our new house. While I don’t consider myself to be a master decorator (and certainly not a very good photographer!), I would definitely state interior design as one of my major hobbies in 2014. And through my various projects, I feel like we’ve made a pretty cozy home in the last eight months.


To conclude the year, I enjoyed figuring out where all of our holiday decorations would live. Steve and I decided to move at this time last year, so we’ve been looking forward to coming full circle with the moving process at this year’s festive season. We’ve been talking about where to place the tree for months and casing the aisles at stores for Christmas holiday decorating inspiration.


We placed our tree next to the fireplace and by the stairs so we didn’t have to move any furniture in the room to accommodate this seasonal accessory. It’s wonderful to look at it while we’re enjoying a fire in the fireplace or catching a seasonal movie (Elf or Christmas Vacation, anyone?). It also cheers up our stone mantel, which I decorated with Christmas favorites from year’s past as well as a lighted berry garland. I just adore that wood Santa in the middle of the mantel, which was a wedding gift from a dear friend nearly nine years ago!


Last year I fell in love with the rustic look and bought some new decorations, so I’ve added my somewhat new cable-knit reindeer and snowman above our TV along with a sleigh filled with fabric-covered styrofoam balls and my favorite silver owl.


And to cheer up our living room near the large windows and piano (and utilize the many plant hooks that reside in our 1928 tudor!), we added some oversized ornaments, which I adore.


We’ve made a very cozy holiday nest for our family and friends this holiday season. I look forward to entertaining and enjoying our home during this merry time.

I hope you’ve made your space festive and cozy to help minimize the dark and cold nights of December. If not, cuddling up to a favorite movie or book will surely help! Happy holidays! 


2 thoughts on “New House: Christmas Decorating 2014”

  1. When I look at the picture of your tree from last year, it really hit me how much more space you have now! It should really help you enjoy your Christmas celebration this year😄. Love your decs, too!

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