Finished: NYC Coasters

It seems rather long ago when I used this blog as a vehicle to document my craft projects. How life has changed since the arrival of Nora in 2010! However, I’ve done some successful crafting as of late, so I’ll go back to my roots and blog a bit about it. 🙂


I created three sets of four coasters of New York City scenes for family and friends who have recently moved apartments in the city. I’d been wanting to try my hand at more sets of these since I made some for my mom a few years ago and this was the perfect opportunity.


To make these I used basic tile purchased at Lowes, old postcards that I’ve had for ages that featured famous paintings of New York, Modge Podge, cork for backing the coasters, tacky glue, and polyurethane to seal the tops of the coasters for hot and cold beverages. (When I made some for my mom I didn’t realize the Modge Podge didn’t seal and was a little disappointed how mugs of hot coffee left rings on her set–though once dried they went away.)


The process of making them took several days but not long on any given day. I cut the postcards to size (it was fun to make sets out of my random postcards!) one day and Modge Podged them. The next day I cut cork to fit underneath the coasters and glued it to the back of each tile. On the final day I coated the top of each coaster with polyurethane to seal it. I was a little annoyed that the poly left a shiny finish (I love the matte look), but overall I was pleased with the finished product.


A perfect housewarming gift for my tight-for-space New York peeps!


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