Feeling Festive


I teased this weekend that we were planning to decorate our house for the holidays soon. Well, we’ve been decking our halls for the last few days, and I just love how cozy and warm our house feels! Now that we’re nearing the winter solstice, these dark days are getting to me. I absolutely need the lights, candles, and cheer that come with this festive time of year.IMG_5622_edited-1

Though it’s only December 3, we are well on our way to having quite a full and merry month, which I am happy to embrace. I recall some years recently when I had slipped into the darkness of the season, unable to enjoy the festivity around me while I barely kept my head above water. I am grateful to savor the season this year and am hopeful that you can feel the joy too.


I’ll be filling my calendar with music performances, light displays, marathon baking sessions, church events, gatherings with friends and family, and quiet time by the tree as well. These are my favorite ways to feel the spirit of the season. I hope you can find what makes you happiest during this time to escape stress and anxiety; it often seems like there is an endless checklist dancing in my head! However, while I cede to moments of wigginess now and again, it helps to know what I truly enjoy at this time of year so I can avoid the things I despise (for example, shopping in stores on the weekends and looking through too many picture-perfect catalogs!).


Let’s all take a deep breath and embrace what gives us joy during this last month of the year. We have to have faith that everything else will fall into place.


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