New House: Our Temporary Dining Room


In preparation for hosting family at Thanksgiving, Steve and I invested in a few elements in the house to get the place ready for guests. In October we painted the attic, and in November we realized that we needed a better dining situation than our kitchen if we were to host my parents (or any guest for that matter!) for an extended stay.


For the warmer months we utilize the large picnic table in our screened-in porch quite often, so we’ve never faced entertaining in the cold weather. Enter, the dining room!


To date, our dining room has been our play room, housing toys and books and providing ample space for play. However, we converted it for its intended purpose for Thanksgiving week, which made it a great room for eating meals, hosting a casual Thanksgiving brunch, and crafting some holiday gifts. While it was awesome to have a real dining room for that week, I was delighted to get the play room back once company left–the kids need lots of space!


To get the room ready to be a “real” dining room, I added new curtains from West Elm. While I was happy to sew more curtains, I found these mustard-yellow and gray ones on the trendy site and on sale to boot! I chose a yellow/gold for this room because I’ve steered toward rich jewel tones in our house’s first floor, and I have only had eyes for blues as of late. I needed something that blended with burgundy and indigo.


We added our kitchen table (with a leaf) and a tablecloth to make this a full-fledged dining room. At some point we’ll invest in a dining set, but this temporary set up really did work well in the space. Now it’s ready for our Christmas visitors and other events to come in the colder months.


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