Ready, Set, Go!


We’re now in the official Christmas holiday season so it’s time to execute! Steve got a jump start on our outdoor decorations this week by illuminating a Japanese maple smack dab in the front of our house. My dad snapped this great pic of our place after a light pre-Thanksgiving dusting. This weekend we’ll add a few more strands of lights as well as a small Santa. Christmas is a very challenging time to stay tasteful but be fun!

After a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with many of our extended family, we will begin to decorate the inside of our house soon. Then it’s time to wrap, bake, and create! And the best part of our holiday season is that we’ve bookended it with visits from our family out West, making sure we’ll have merriment throughout this jam-packed few months.

I’ll be back with some pics of our Christmas decorations soon–I’m looking forward to seeing how things come together in our new house. For now we’ll recover from a super-fun and busy week of hosting my parents. There’s never a dull moment during the holiday season!


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