Christmas Creep

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Admittedly, I am getting excited for the holidays. As a celebration-loving person, what’s better than the behemoth of the year? However, with family arriving next week to celebrate Thanksgiving, I can’t help but be conflicted about my attention to Christmas at the moment (it could also be that my parents are pretty easy houseguests!). After feeling so on the ball for the last few weeks planting seeds here and there regarding gifts, activities, and budgets, now that we’re on the flip side of November I am feeling like I wasted that early-November time!

I’ve already mentioned that I’d like our holiday to be a little scaled down this year. I would prefer to focus on time with family making cookies, snuggling with family by the fire, and enjoying what we already have. Last year, I was more energized for Christmas on a big scale–creating lots of Pinterest-y crafts, maximizing activities, and buying lots of gifts. I love how Christmas can be something different (yet the same) each year.

No matter my desires for each year’s holiday season, however, the bottom line remains the same. I’m a mom to two kids and have a number of family members and friends who I like to give gifts to and spend time with during the season. Therefore, I am victim to this Christmas creep (and am someone who is not objecting to holiday things in the stores too early–I need ideas early and often!).

Let’s hope my parents visit gets me in the Thanksgiving spirit!


1 thought on “Christmas Creep”

  1. I like your idea of the same but different. I’m thinking things may be a little simpler this year, but still with those beloved traditions 😉

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