November Notes

Today it’s cold here in southeastern Pennsylvania, though it’s still much warmer here than out West where my family lives. Despite enjoying fires in our fireplace and prepping for the winter holidays to come, I am not ready for these frigid temps! As any stay-at-home parent knows, winter is the most dreaded season with children because it’s not possible to walk them to the park at 4 p.m. to burn off that final energy of the day. I will have to get out more play dough, art projects, games, and puzzles in the coming months (and likely break up more wrestling matches!).


Last weekend we enjoyed running and walking a 5K in honor of a dear friend’s mom. How nice it was to be walking around Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park, basking in the beauty of autumn, and getting exercise to boot! Steve, who has been on a fitness kick of late, ran the entire race. I’m so impressed by his motivation to be in shape and am trying to keep up and exercise a few days a week, but I am nervous about trailing off with this colder weather!


Other happenings? We’re preparing for two family visits this holiday season and a day trip to New York City. I’m knocking out some Christmas gifts early so I can enjoy the fun-filled holiday season with the kids (how nice it would be to avoid stores in December). I wrapped up my last big work project and am contemplating my next steps for freelance editing.

Oh, and one more thing. We’re psyched about the Eagles; hope to watch them through February!


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