New House: Attic Happenings


With the weather turning cooler (the exception being this weirdly warm week!) and company arriving for the holidays in just a short while, Steve and I are determined to finish upgrading our attic into a cozier space. When we bought our new house, the finished attic was a major selling point, providing us with room for toys, crafts, and guests. However, the space needed improvements.

The previous owners finished the attic themselves some years ago, but when we purchased the house this spring, upgrading the space was an immediate priority. The attic needed carpet, new light fixtures, and some general TLC. Within the first month in our house, we had replaced the carpet and lights. We also purchased a bed for the guest room and set up the larger bonus space as a playroom and craft room.


However, the room still lacked a cozy feeling. Figuring that the cold and dark months ahead will encourage us to use the attic often, we wanted to add some elements that would cheer up the room. Enter paint! Thanks to a can of dark blue paint (Hotel St. Francis Spirit Blue) from Lowes and painting some accent walls, the space is already feeling more homey and comfortable. I also purchased a color for the guest room, so I’ll add the full attic reveal soon.


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