#TBT: Frankfurt Book Fair


Here I am in Frankfurt in October 2007. For four (or five?) years I attended the Frankfurt Book Fair, selling rights to the books published with my small independent press. Though I had traveled often as a kid and spent three weeks in Europe following high school, going to the Fair each year was a real test for me. The company I worked for sent me with a companion a few times, but I often spent time alone in Frankfurt and was fortunate enough to link up with other young professionals there. Steve never made it to Frankfurt with me because of football season, of course. This photo was snapped by a best friend and mentor when we traveled together after an epic year at work.

I look so young in this picture (pre-kid days!). As a professional in my mid-twenties at Frankfurt, I had to play “dress up” wearing pretty conservative suits and heels to look older and get more respect from the international publishing community. I often felt awe-struck in Hall 8 surrounded by huge publishers making blockbuster rights deals. The food was generally awesome there, especially for someone who loves cheese, bread, ice cream, and beer.

It would be an awesome opportunity to go back to the Fair. As I continue my career in publishing, I can only hope that I’ll ramp it up when my children are older and have a chance to be a player in the industry again (one of many pipe dreams!).

Other thoughts:

  • A friend asked me to accompany her to The Hundred-Foot Journey. We went to a 4:30 show (on a Wednesday!) yesterday while Steve cared for the kids. It was a treat to be in a movie theater and watch such a sweet (and succulent!) movie. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!
  • I am brainstorming a Christmas craft project. So exciting to be thinking of the holidays!
  • Oh, and I am still obsessed with Jamberry nails. I’m wearing an orchid floral print this week and have developed the expectation that I’ll always have my nails done now. After spending a lifetime agonizing over my crappy nails, there is finally something out there for me!



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