Trying Something New

Last week, WordPress informed me that my blog is six years old. I’m amazed at the changes I’ve experienced while blogging–trying to make sense of my twenties, becoming a mother, quitting my career, finding a new home, and now balancing a life at home with children and freelance work. Lately, I have been feeling less motivated to post here, and it makes me a bit sad. This has always been my outlet to share my life with others (and figure things out for myself!), but it feels a bit like a burden sometimes. While I don’t want to stop writing, I need to find a muse for this space again.

My children are growing and are truly people now, which means that I don’t feel it is appropriate to share all about their lives. My life as a mom is getting a bit easier in the day-to-day because of their maturity as well. I am spending more and more time in front of a computer screen for freelance work, and I’m not biding time at my salaried office job, which was a boon for this blog!

So, where am I right now? I am about to hit another birthday in my thirties. I have two preschoolers. I work as a freelance editor, trying to find time for about ten to twenty hours of work a week. I try to be a good household manager (with my hubby, of course!) by keeping up with fun recipes, staying on budget, keeping things clean, and helping my children stay active through a variety of activities. I am really involved at my church right now. I am part of a few playgroups for my kids. I have wonderful friends who I try to see at least once a month. I have been reading the same book (Wicked) for the last few months because of my intense workload–this is really bothering me! I am psyched for the upcoming holidays (possibly a muse!) and hosting lots of family. I am loving campfires, fall beers, and football (when I get a chance to watch it).

I’ve selected this new blog look to keep things simple here. There’s so much rattling in my head that I want things to look and feel straightforward in this virtual space. I need this to be a space that’s more about me, so I’ll have to work harder to think about that difficult subject. I promise, however, that I’ll keep my Instagram feed filled with cute kid faces!


2 thoughts on “Trying Something New”

  1. Nat – Good post! It is interesting how time flies and stages come and go, even at my age and stage. The continuous blogging – even when more regular at some times compared to others – leaves a great trail to follow when reflecting our lives, and it’s also downright useful as a first stop in researching history. I love getting perspective on how I thought about something in the past, compared to my view today – case in point being HP’s big splitup this week. (Of course, my blog topics focus on the mundane (compared to yours!). And I will continue to keep my regular eye on Instagram!

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