Nora at Four

IMG_5167Nora turned four last weekend. To celebrate, we enjoyed some rainbow festivities. The birthday girl loved her special day, soaking in all of the attention. It’s interesting to be at the point with her that she remembers events from year to year. These celebrations do count.


This kid loves the monkey bars, dancing, swimming (she’s graduating to Eel at the YMCA in the next session!), crafting, going to school, and being a big sister. Her favorite books are in the Pinkalicious series and she loves Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. She drinks tea with me in the afternoons and LOVES pepperoni.


Nora still plays with her dolls and stuffed animals but really enjoys games and puzzles too. We’ve been playing a lot of War lately and working on puzzles when Carson naps. She also loves to clean (not necessarily her own toys, but adult things) and her sense of humor is amazing. And, she’s a clothes horse. So. Many. Clothes. (And shoes!!!)



We are so grateful to have this spunky gal in our lives. Now that she’s four, she’s a true companion and friend.


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