Wordless Wednesday: Make a Wish


(Thanks to my father-in-law for this great photo!)


7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Make a Wish”

    1. I am looking for RICS accredited conversion courses with the aim of becoming a surveyor. Looking online I have found a PG course at Salford and one at Nomrhutbria. I want to study online and preferably a course with a January start date. Does anyone know of any others? And which (if any) are the best?Thanks so much – your help will mean so much to me.

    2. Hallo Ersteller von dem Script oben. Wie müßte man das den ändern, wenn man einen Werbeblocker-Nutzer auf eine andere Seite unleiten möchte? Wärst du so lieb und verrätst mir das?mit basteligen GrüßenBasteltrulla

  1. PrkSltCiicoerfeptember 16, 2012We go by the 24 hour clock on the ProfitClicking website.If you miss a day .. one day will be added .. example you get 150% in 82 days instead of 81 if you miss a day.I don’t think it’s all working 100% yet though. ( Maybe why you didn’t get credited. )Me? I never do things at the same time lolAgain, I use the 24 hour clock on the profitclicking site( Where the countdown was )It goes from zero to twentyfour.( I never do it at the same time but between 0 and 24 each day )

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