These Pumpkins


I realize I already posted this shot yesterday, but I am taking a mommy moment here to reflect on some kid milestones. And the milestones have to do with pumpkins, of course!

I regret how little I have documented here about the kids here as of late. I feel like I’ve missed so many cute Carson-isms now that he’s talking, and Nora’s turning four tomorrow, which is still a shock.

One thing that I always want to remember is how my kids said “pumpkin” when they were little.

Nora: “punkin”

Carson: “pumpin”

Of course, my hot-shot daughter now says the word correctly, but Steve and I were blessed with two whole years of “punkin.” And now Carson, with his awesome toddler speech, has gifted us with “pumpin.” I absolutely adore it.

Here’s to (I hope) another year of that pronunciation. While we still get “Tarson” and “Nooah” from him, I doubt those will be around much longer.

How was this two years ago? Though it’s hard to remember what they were like as babies anymore . . . sniff, sniff.



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