Early Fall Snapshots

I have missed coming here and writing posts. Things are looking a little less hairy today, and my oldest child is enjoying some brother-free time (he’s at preschool) on a rainy Thursday morning.

Here are some fall pics I’ve snapped this week. We’re excited to be lighting pumpkin candles, sipping warm drinks and pumpkin beers, and visiting our favorite fall places, such as the pumpkin patch!


He’s a cute witch!


This girl turns 4 on Saturday. I’m getting sentimental!


Thinking this should be the Christmas card! My pumpkins!


This girl is wonderful at posing. She’s so big these days.


Pumpkin beer + my latest Jamberrys (Imperial). A good evening!


Working up a fall mantel. It’s fun and challenging to figure out what looks good in the new house.

Fall is my favorite time of year, for sure, and it’s a great gateway to the behemoth that is Christmas. I look forward to lots of festive cheer in our new home this year!


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