Launching, Planning, Breathing


Phew. What a week it’s been. Last Monday, we met some friends at the park and Nora mastered her big summer project–crossing the rings. By yesterday, we’d launched both kids at preschool, attended Nora’s swim and dance classes, participated in our second church Sunday of the new year, gone through a week of Steve’s new schedule, and I submitted another editing project (just two left for this month!) since that Monday park date!

While it’s been an intense and extremely stimulating week for sure, I have to say that rather than feeling too busy, life feels full. I love seeing the kids enjoying independent activities. I love talking to my hubby about his days at work. I love (well, sometimes not) having a project to work on, forcing me to find a quiet nook in the house so I can edit.

To celebrate the week’s accomplishments, I’m giving myself a day to rest, and then I’ll be marking up Word files left and right for the remainder of the month. And planning a rainbow-themed birthday for my eldest, who turns four at the end of the month. And continuing our new schedule, of course! Love this time of year!


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