Moving Along


For school-aged kids in our area, yesterday marked the beginning of the school year. I loved scrolling through my Facebook page displaying the cute pictures of people’s kids–elementary, middle, and high schoolers included–wearing their new outfits and backpacks.

We’re still a week away from the preschool year beginning. My eager three-year-old is starting to over-anticipate school, making herself nervous. She’s waking up in the middle of the night because she’s worried about being in a new classroom. My two-year-old knows the name of his teacher (the same as his sister’s last year), and seems excited. I have a feeling the nervous and excited kids will flip-flop next week when school actually begins.

This week presents some change without having our new activities in place (all start next week). My hubby’s new schedule goes into effect, which will require some adjustment. I’ll be in charge of bedtime two nights a week and have an early morning to contend with, though I think it will go much easier than in the past now that the kids are better about sleeping in and sleeping independently. (That newborn year with Carson when this schedule first appeared was beyond brutal!) However, I’ll have more mornings with Steve around so I can fit in that onslaught of work.


I am having a hard time accepting that it’s September. Our August sure zoomed by at rapid speed. We finished the crazy month (beach trips; a baseball game; hand, foot, and mouth; a wedding; a Jamberry party!) with a rehaul of our bedroom. After being saddled with large and awkward hand-me-down furniture ten years ago, Steve and I decided to pull the trigger on some new dressers, a bed, and a nightstand that worked better in our new bedroom. We decided on a sleek, midcentury look with a wedge finish, and purchased a platform bed as well. I sewed new curtains for the large window (I’ll finish the ones for the smaller window after my workload calms), and we are using our new comforter and rug purchased at Target this spring. I even have a jewelry storage area, which makes me happy! After so many years of making do, I feel like we’re sleeping in a hotel room!

Here’s to a happy and productive September!



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