Well, I am pretty glad that I decorated my office earlier this summer. I have been living in it!

Since leaving my full-time job last spring, I have been picking up freelance work here and there. I copyedit and proofread books, journals, websites, and other publications. When I left my position as a managing editor, I didn’t want to give up on my career entirely. In publishing, there is a great deal of freelance work. Fortunately, as of late, I have been experiencing an onslaught of projects!

However, for the first time ever, I had to turn down a project. Wow, was that hard! But with several large projects hitting me at once, my pile of work is too big, especially with two littles at home, a husband who is beginning his busy season at work, and a fall calendar already packed to the gills with back-to-school, Nora’s birthday, and church and social obligations.

I’ve found that I LOVE editing and proofreading at home, but I have to balance my love of work (and making some additional income for the family) with my full-time stay-at-home mom gig (or, am I a work-at-home mom now?). Lately on the weekends I have been holed away in the office while Steve takes the kids to do fun things. It’s nice to have another role in my life, but balance is key.

I am an enthusiast by nature, which makes it difficult to say no. I love to craft, work, volunteer, and host parties, which sometimes leaves little free time for my family and me. I’m pledging to keep myself busy (I do thrive on juggling lots of things) but without making my family and me crazy.


4 thoughts on “Hammered”

  1. I’m a fan of the Home Work podcast (http://5by5.tv/homework) which, if you like podcasts, might be a good listen for you … in all your free time. 😉 There’s good advice there, but also a lot of listener Q&A from others just like you striving to balance freelance work and life.

  2. Thanks Adam for the advice! I will listen to it! I can fit those things in when I am enjoying my hobbies and need some audio entertainment. 🙂

  3. It’s so nice to hear that you are enjoying the freelance work and are wise enough to know that you need to tame your fall schedule a bit. 🙂

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