Reorganizing Life


Steve and I logged on the computer this morning to register Nora for her fall activities at the YMCA. It was very reminiscent of college days, where we’d set our alarms to sign up for classes and the computer would freeze, and then we’d spend an hour trying to get into Spanish 201 only to find out that all sessions were full. This time around, I still had technical difficulties, but I was thankful to get into our desired sessions.

Fall is coming in our house, though it’s three or so weeks away. The September through December calendar is already looking a bit packed, and that’s just with preschool and extracurricular activity runs. We’ll add church, birthday celebrations, fall festivals, and holiday stuff too. On top of that stuff, Steve’s schedule becomes rather wonky with evening hours and an early Sunday morning shift until February. There will be a lot of adjustment come September 1.

While I like summer and its freedoms, I LOVE fall and its structure (and fall beers, crunchy leaves, and cool nights). This year, Carson will attend preschool two mornings a week, which I think will be an awesome experience for him. I’ll also be balancing a lot more paid work than I did last year (the freelance gig is seemingly working out) and Nora’s going to add an activity in addition to swimming lessons. Plus, I can’t wait to enjoy the leaves change color at our new house, though I think we’ll be responsible for raking at least 50 bags of them come October.

Our final weeks of summer include a baseball game, the Renaissance fair, an art camp for Nora, and a few other things to be thrown on the calendar at the last minute. Then, I’ll be ready for the football season to begin and the school doors to open.


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