Rewarding Myself (And Not Forgetting to Try)

One of my favorite sayings is “Don’t forget to try.” (The other one is “That’s not helpful,” but that’s more related to the stay-at-home life than a general life theory.) I’m a pretty good trier, but there are aspects of my life that get away from me.

I had a moment today in the dressing room at Kohls where I realized that I’ve really let myself go. Like REALLY. I’ve got the mom ponytail, the stained pairs of shorts, the stretched out T-shirts. All I’m missing are holes in my clothes (oh, wait, I’ve got that covered too!). Thankfully, I keep up with my hair color since one of my close friends is a cosmetologist. And my brother’s wedding prompted me to restock my fancy clothes, so at least I looked somewhat decent at a wedding we attended last night.

I’ve got to make this aha moment count. While it’s true that my life is hectic with child rearing and I’m always keeping our budget in mind, there’s no way that I can completely let myself go–I’m only 31 for goodness sake! And with a full fall social calendar, it wouldn’t kill me to try a little harder in the clothing and beauty departments.


For a quick remedy, I treated myself to new nail polish today (Naughty Nautical by Essie), which reminds me of the Elsa costume I recently sewed for Nora. Also, I’ve fallen in love with Jamberry nail wraps thanks to my friend Liss. I’m going to apply these cute rose polka dot ones later this week. A fun way to end the summer, right?


Any tips on how you stay on top of your style? What do you do to reward yourself?


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