Home Ec Week

While it wasn’t intentional, the littles and I spent the week doing many activities my home-economics-teaching grandmother would have loved.

We started the week (while we were still healthy!) making fruit pizza:


And Nora and I finished the week sewing a sock snake, found on this blog via Pinterest: IMG_4818

The sock snake was the perfect time-killer for a house-bound end of the week, as Carson came down with hand, foot, and mouth. While he’s starting to feel better, it put a bit of a damper in our typical summer plans.

Slowing down and embracing the everyday has ignited my passions for baking and sewing again, so I hope to post more of our projects in the near future. Yesterday, Nora and I went to Joann to pick up notions for her Elsa costume (making it early though it’s for Halloween). And I’m working away on the living room curtains and pillows. Hope to have an update on that big project in the next week or so (though I just realized I need to order more fabric for the last curtain).


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