Being Good

We’re two weeks removed from an epic two-week vacation and three months removed from our big move. The time has come to get control of our lives again! Here I am on a Friday, patiently awaiting my Sam Adams Summer Wheat beer tonight, knowing that I’ve been looking forward to it since last weekend. I’m budgeting and dieting and, man, it’s hard to adjust to a more controlled life!

Rather than living in chaos, we’re hoping to return to a much more organized and thoughtful way of living. No more random meals out (though I am open to the occasional takeout night or breakfast snack) or huge home projects (without saving for them first). It’s time to hunker down and enjoy the simple, everyday life we’ve been craving for some time.

However, it’s easier said than done. I’ve been so focused on big, giant things on my to-do list that I’m having difficulty adjusting to a quieter life. I’m fighting with the remaining weeks of summer; while it’s great, I am starting to feel a bit ready for life with preschool schedules, football, and holidays. However, we’ve had beautiful weather in our area lately, so I want to enjoy all the unstructured time I have with the kids (though the weekends are more full and structured, which is another thing I’ve been fighting!).

This week, I wrote a mid-summer bucket list for the kids and me and pinned it to my office bulletin board to reference for the remaining weeks of summer. My ideas include visiting the children’s garden, making fruit pizza, trekking to an array of local parks, and walking to the 7-11 by us for Slurpees. Hopefully this list will keep my ideas fresh and exciting so we can embrace simplicity and enjoy what our area has to offer.

And, for the record, I’m doing pretty well on my post-vacation life improvement list. I’m happy that I wrote it down as I was feeling it since my feelings of peace and relaxation have decreased with each day back in reality (that might have something to do with the responsibility of keeping a 2- and 3.5-year-old busy for days and weeks on end).


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