New House: Living Room Decor

Before All of Our Stuff Took Over the Living Room


In just a few months, we’ll be spending more time in the living room socializing, watching football games, and gathering for holidays as the days get shorter and the weather cooler. When that time arrives, I want to have a cozy and comfortable living room.

An Early Shot of the Fireplace (It’s Gotta Get Cleaned)

I don’t have a lot of great shots of the living room as it now stands, but the photos above show the two main focal areas of the room. The wall between the cork wall and stairway houses our TV, and the adjoining wall (the one along the staircase) features our stone fireplace.

I’d like this room to be formal enough to host gatherings but comfortable enough to hang with the family on a lazy Sunday. Rather than being too trend-focused, I’d like to opt for colors, patterns, and items that will age well, though I realize it’s challenging to choose things I’ll love forever.

Forgive the Weird iPhone Filter

Decorating the living room began in June when we installed sconces on either side of the fireplace. After spending a few months in the room during just about every hour of the day, I realized we needed more nonlamp light, as the room had no overhead light. I selected these from Wayfair. They had to be professionally installed, but we’d already scheduled electricians to come last month to rewire our top two floors and we thought it would be the perfect time to add them. (A real “after” shot will come once the room is decorated, I promise).


After adding the sconces, I decided to pull the trigger on a new lamp for the living room, which incorporates the navy/dark blue/indigo shades that I like so much for this space. I found it at Target.


Previously, I wrote about some curtain fabric that I selected for the living room. However, it’s still on backorder and, in my excitement to finish the space, I decided to move on from it. However, I really like the indigo version of the same print and hope it will add some color to our somewhat neutral room with its hardwood floors, beige couches, and white walls.



While buying my curtain fabric, I snapped up a yard of these two prints by Michael Miller for accent pillows.


I imagine the fabric featuring letters will be a nice complement to this tapestry I just purchased from World Market for that tricky cork accent wall. It’s on backorder right now, but I can’t wait to see it!

In addition to these elements, Steve and I bought some art for the walls that I plan to frame and hang in the next few weeks. The photos are of Idaho landscapes, and I look forward to enjoying the beauty of my home state while living in my Pennsylvania Tudor.

After compiling this post, I realize I’ve made quite a few decisions for this room already! Give me a month or so and I’ll be back with an update of how these elements look in our largest room!


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