Summer Resolve


When our plane touched down last Wednesday night I wasn’t channeling my usual resolve to make everything in my life right. Generally, this is the emotion that pervades my body after a good vacation. I vow to eat better, exercise, look at life more freely, and do more with my time.

I wasn’t worried about not feeling the post-vacation pull on Wednesday. I considered that I might just be feeling OK enough with my habits and routines that this annual rebirth would not bubble up inside me.

Now that Carson’s big birthday weekend is over and my husband is back to work, I realize I was wrong. I do have the desire to remake myself now that I am back from vacation. I just had to wait until I was back in my stay-at-home-mom work week.

So, without further adieu, here’s my list of summer resolutions:

  • Cook more! Find my favorite vegetarian recipes and devour them (in moderation!).
  • Eat fewer sweets. No more every-night dessert for me.
  • Keep reading! I read two books on vacation. What an amazing escape from the hum drum.
  • Tinker with the house. Just because we’re done with the major projects this year doesn’t mean I have to stop decorating and reorganizing. I can just do it on a smaller scale now.
  • Sew more. Curtains, pillows, and Halloween costumes are currently on my mind.
  • Work more and find a good routine to balance projects. I’ve been tackling quite a bit of work these days, and I want to really build my business into something sustainable. It’ll take some organization and planning on my part. My office project is already helping me stay on top of things.
  • Blog a few times a week. I’ve fallen out of my blogging habits, and I have a lot to post. I’ll try to sit down and make it happen at least three times a week.
  • Budget, coupon, and purge. We’ve been living a crazy life for the last six months, and it’s time for us to get back to normal spending habits. I’m hoping to start getting better at couponing, both at the grocery store and for clothes and shoes (school shopping will be here soon). I’ve also signed up for a consignment sale in August to rid myself of outgrown clothes, and I plan on selling the crib and other large baby items online this month. Anything that doesn’t get sold will be donated.
  • Exercise more. I’m seriously contemplating a YMCA membership for fall, but I’d love to start out the membership by already having some exercise routine. I hope to get out weekly on walks with friends as a start.
  • Update photo books and scrapbooks. Time to sort through last year’s preschool artwork and upload photos to Snapfish.

Well, that’s it for the summer, but fall will bring more time management, volunteer challenges, school obligations, and holiday activities, so this is my chance to get ahead on personal goals. Thank goodness for vacations and the mental reframing they bring!




3 thoughts on “Summer Resolve”

  1. You’re an inspiration! I’ve been working on goals and planning my activities a litte more carefully, too!

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