9 Favorite Things from Our Vacation


Our two-week trip deserves more than this list, but I wanted to post some favorite moments of our vacation before I forget them. Our little guy turns two tomorrow, and we’re busy prepping for his party, so I am afraid if I don’t post this now that it might not happen at all.

Favorite Things from Our 2014 Western Adventure

1. Our family reunion. My parents hosted us for two weeks and we had a major gathering of family at my brother’s wedding. It was so fun to catch up with family spread far and wide as well as meet my cousin’s two kids and the family of my new sister-in-law. My mother-in-law even came along to celebrate with my family and help watch the kids.

2. Pool time. The kids swam almost daily on our vacation, including at an outdoor pool, indoor pool, and water park. These kids are water dogs these days, and I couldn’t be happier about their enthusiasm for the pool. Thanks to our Puddle Jumpers, they are fearless!

3. Western life. Beautiful landscapes, pleasant people, nonhumid weather. Some of my favorite parts of the West!


4. Nora’s horseback ride. My dad arranged for Nora to ride a pony while we visited Boise. She got to ride a small horse as well as feed a lamb from a bottle. Maybe a future 4-H-er?

5. Backyard fun. The kids ran around my parents backyard every night, playing with the hose, making smores, and having good, old-fashioned kid fun. We even lit some fireworks before the 4th of July, which Carson thought were amazing.


6. Dressing up. My brother’s wedding called for some new dressy clothes. How fun it was to adorn my kiddos in fancy garb. Carson sported his first tie and Nora her first pair of high heels. I even got into some of the action with new Boden dresses and coral high heels.


7. Date night. Steve and I saw Jersey Boys (not great), went to a wine bar with vending machines, and enjoyed a meal together. A total luxury.


8. The treats. We indulged frequently on this trip, enjoying nachos, milkshakes, pizza, Chinese food, and nearly everything else we could get our hands on. Getting back to normal eating is going to be hard . . .


9. Boise adventures. The kids and I went to the zoo, the fish center, the science museum, the library, and several parks with my parents while we visited my hometown.


4 thoughts on “9 Favorite Things from Our Vacation”

  1. Great recap – so glad we could be part of it! And the “making smokes” in the backyard got me for a minute – thought at first that was a reference to the fireworks! But then realized it was “smores”!!! Or I guess, technically, “s’mores”.

  2. Oh, fun memories, loved the visit. I don’t know how you found time to take such cute photos. Ol’ Sha Sha can barely keep up, let alone add another task..

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