New House: Ugly Pantry Transformed!


While we were lucky to find a house in as turn-key shape as this one, it hasn’t come without some major projects. We’ve had carpeting installed, plumbing worked on, electrical rewired, and appliances replaced (in just two months!). However, I credit the pantry makeover as our most significant undertaking to date.

Being home each and every day, there are certain spaces in this house that give off a granny/haunted house vibe. The pantry was one of them, and it was especially gross that it’s where we stored our food!

Here’s the before (you may want to avert your eyes):


And here’s the beautiful after:



What did we do to get our beautiful finished pantry? We replaced the wood shelves, getting fresh new pieces cut. I painted them white and the walls of the pantry Sherwin Williams’s Sleepy Blue (thanks to a test pot from my friend Lisa). I also painted the pegboard next to the shelves white as well as installed a cheerful row of hooks purchased at Home Goods to hang our aprons.




The redo gave me the opportunity to better organize my food and motivated me to clear out the remaining kitchen boxes in the basement, so I am feeling much more organized overall. Plus, I am getting excited to paint our kitchen cabinets white–maybe in late July/August!

Here’s to a noncreepy pantry and to the magic of fresh paint!


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